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“Hauntingly visual work. Devika’s talents and experiences belie her youth.”  

-Richard Aloisio, New York Times Art Director 



“Rose Devika is a garrote of a writer. She can thin language down to a wire around your throat and leave you breathless, wondering where her hands have been the whole time.” 

-Donny Jackson, Executive Producer of “Dear…,” Director of “Still.,” and Author of “boy”



“Raw and daring, Devika’s work will linger in the recesses of your mind as a constant reminder that life is to be lived with courage.” 

-Robin Theiss, Author and International Speaker 

Rose Devika, digs into the dark corners of relationships and looks for the light. Beautiful, haunting, and real. A soul laid bare.” 

-Ruthie Darling, Freelance Writer and Photographer, New Yorker, New York Times & Buzzfeed 

“Beyond the scope of lyrics and verse these are words that speak truth to me in such a way that I find myself reading some as a daily affirmation. I believe that we each have the ability to find our own truth and that we are never fully realized until we do. Rose has found her truth and her writings help me justify and solidify my own.” 

-Erik Chandler, Bowling for Soup & Erik Chandler Band


Born in Toronto, Canada, Rose Devika is an award-winning singer-songwriter and spoken word poet whose unflinchingly honest verse disarms with its vulnerability and raw daring. Painting with sparse guitars, mellow upright pianos and majestic string arrangements, Rose Devika creates beautiful spaces for listeners to crawl into and explore.  


Rose won her first place at the 2017 Say Word LA Poetry Competition, and was placed on a poetry team that toured across Southern California for five months. At the international slam poetry competition, BNV, Rose performed in front of an audience of 3,000. Rose became a Los Angeles Youth Poet Ambassador and was selected as a finalist to be the Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles in June of 2017.

 Moving to New York with nothing but a 3/4 Yamaha Guitar she had been gifted, Rose attended Sarah Lawrence College as an English Major, after being awarded the Lucinda B. Watson Scholarship. She was selected as a finalist to be the Youth Poet Laureate of New York City and joined the Federal Hall Fellowship Program through Urban Word NYC. She joined the volunteer program ‘Right to Write’ where she facilitated weekly writing workshops at the Westchester Correctional Facility for male inmates, ages 18-24. 


Rose’s band ‘January Grit’ spent two years traveling and performing across New York, Toronto, and Southern California. In May of 2018, January Grit won Universal Music Canada’s Underground Sounds Competition. In September of that year the perfume company, Map of the Heart, featured January Grit’s song, ‘Sway’ on their Map of the Heart V.7 Commercial. January Grit worked with producer Antoine Arvizu to record and release their full-length debut album, ‘Here in Fahrenheit,’ which was released to all streaming platforms in January of 2019.

Rose Devika is now working as a solo artist. In December of 2020 she released her first solo single, ‘A Hell of a Lot Like You’ to all streaming platforms, for which she played all the instrumentation, self-recorded, and did the mixing.


In early July of 2020 Rose Devika was offered a book publishing deal for her full-length manuscript of poetry and lyrics by Imperium Publishing. Her book, ‘The Anatomy of an

Arsonist’ was published in January of 2021.

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